September 30, 2012

My village


The place filled with memories and dreams of my childhood.
The place where everything is so simple,
but close to the heart.. where time goes differently..
The place I love so much.  

September 17, 2012

In blue september

Perfect for your baby's first trip home,
christening, wedding party, photo session 
or any other special occasion ;)  

September 13, 2012

For apple season!

New mix of different colors..
This time used bordo and two shades of pink
and vuala you can see the result..
Hope you like it!

September 10, 2012

Little sailor shoes

Autumn autumn autumn.. there will be lots of chilly days..
Hand-felted, lightweight and warm merino wool booties for the little sailor.


September 1, 2012

Why do summer have to go?...


with it's long days, roads and rivers,
with it's colors and sounds,
with smell of fresh cut grass and flowers,
with butterflies, berries, warm breeze..